As the Governorship of Kütahya, together with the Rectorate of Dumlupınar University; we are pleased to inform the public of the “1st International Ahmet Yakupoğlu City, Art, and Design Symposium” in memoriam of Kütahya Resident Painter Ahmet Yakupoğlu on the 19th and 20th of November 2018, the 98th anniversary of his birth. We hope that it will continue to be held biannually.

The symposium titled “City, Art, and Design”, which is held in the ancient city of Kütahya, where Ahmet Yakupoğlu, the last in a long line of Dr. Süheyl Ünver’s ecole of Professor Ordinarii was born, in his honor. Special topics are “Ahmet Yakupoğlu” and “Kütahya in UNESCO’s Web of Creative Cities.”
As you may know, the concept of city encompasses a wide array of elements which consist of art, history, folklore, culture, architecture, and people. “City” has a rich context that surrounds and encompasses all of our lives. We exist to the extent that we understand, live and sustain this legacy.
Kütahya is a city which maintains the heritage of the Germiyan civilization with its history, nature and cultural wealth. Kütahya is the city of Sufi religious scholars known as Çelebi and Princes known as Şehzade. As told by Sultan Veled, “Kütahya is a flawless beauty. Heaven is either under or above Kütahya.”

Kütahya, the land of Germiyan in which the soil, fire and water unit, hometown of Evliya Çelebi, the city where we all live together, is an ancient city that with its 7000 years of history with and indispensable artifacts that bears the traces of Seljuk, Germiyan and the late Ottoman empires. It is an ancient city with Germiyan Street and it’s mansions, Ulu Mosque, the fortress, hot mineral springs and fountains. It is a city covered with invaluable rich cultural heritage with its tiles and handcrafts.

We consider the “International Ahmet Yakupoğlu City, Art, and Design Symposium”, which will be held for the first time this year, to be a significant and long-awaited work which will fill an important void. We wholeheartedly believe that the symposium, which we hope to traditionalize as a biennial event, will contribute greatly to the science, art, and culture. We are glad to serve our art and culture in the light of Ahmet Yakupoğlu’s philosophy.
Therefore, we aim at holding a quality international symposium which combines the opinions of scientists and writers as yourselves and the resources we have. With this symposium we will be the hands, feet and eyes of Ahmet Yakupoğlu, and with your guidance the memory of Kütahya will be carried into today and to the future and will transform into living breathing values.

With these feelings and thoughts, I would like to express my gratitude, first of all to Esteemed Prof. Dr. Remzi Gören, Rector of Dumlupınar University, Esteemed Kamil Saraçoğlu, Mayor of the Municipality of Kütahya, our academicians, our fellow citizens, and to those all who did not hold back in their support and contributed to bringing this symposium to fruition. May this symposium, which has been prepared in the belief to fill an important void in our cultural world, be auspicious to our art, people, city and country.

I extend my greetings and pay my respects with the desire that you will not hold back in your contributions to the “1st INTERNATIONAL AHMET YAKUPOĞLU CITY, ART, AND DESIGN SYMPOSIUM”

Ahmet Hamdi NAYİR
Governor of Kütahya