Since the establishment of Kütahya Dumlupınar University Faculty of Fine Arts, 20 years has past, and through that time its scientific/artistic and social activities has spread in the university, in Kütahya and in Turkey. It is also trying to make its presence accepted in the world. While doing this, it has continuously improved and continues to develop its communication and cooperation with many public institutions, organizations, universities and non-governmental organizations. For this purpose, Kütahya Dumlupınar University Faculty of Fine Arts, which carried out many national and international activities, planned to bring together academicians and artists from different disciplines, traditional masters and students, researchers and thinkers at national and international level in October 2020.

In this context, it has held two symposiums in the name and memory of Ahmet Yakupoğlu so far. By 2020, visual communication design, industrial product design, interior architecture and environmental design, traditional Turkish arts, handicraft design and production, fashion design, textile design and production, original printing arts, cartoons and animation, game design, new media, painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass, photography, textile, art and design history, by bringing together all visual, theoretical, applied science fields it opened up to discuss the concepts of art and design. For this purpose, it has planned to hold the third of the symposiums that bridge the international sharing of academic, scientific, artistic and design experiences and contribute to the production of quality design and art works for the future. The third planned international symposium will be held in the memory of “Ahmet Yakupoğlu”. The purpose of this symposium to be organized is to contribute to art and design education, to ensure the continuity of an activity where sharing and interaction is at a high level, tradition and innovation are combined, and new models and definitions can be presented with different disciplines. With this symposium, we believe that we will add significant value to the turkish and world art, design and science.



Assoc. Prof. Rikke Hansen
The University of Southern Denmark
Prof. Dr. Adnan TEPECİK
Prof. Dr. Alev Çakmakoğlu KURU
Prof. Dr. İlham ENVEROĞLU
Prof. Dr. M. Lütfü HİDAYETOĞLU
Prof. Dr. Turan SAĞER
Yıldırım TÜRKEL
Dr. Mehmet UYGUN


Assoc. Prof. Arafat Al-Naim
American University in the Emirates, Dubai
Asst. Prof. Li Xu
Beijing institute of graphic communication, China
Prof. Dr. Byoung Il Sun
Namseoul University, South Korea


3rd International Art and Design Symposium in memory of Ahmet Yakupoglu